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Sexual healing and
emotional release
for women
Berlin, Germany
July 26st - 30th 2022 

Sexual healing and emotional release addresses most common sexual issues affecting women. Most of these issues are a combination of physical, psychological and emotional issues pertaining to sexuality. We will focus mostly the physical and emotional aspects, but will touch all 3 aspects. 

This training is 5 days long without a break. Classes run 8:30am-6pm with a 2 hour lunch break. There are no yoga classes for this training. This is a non-residential training.

Training fees: €800

Prerequisite: Women's pelvic floor (professional or not) bodywork training (100-200 hours) or permission of the teacher.




Low libido

Low sensitivity of the clitoris

Hypersensitivity of the clitoris

Lack of connection through sex

Inability to lubricate

Inability to maintain arousal


Inactivated pleasure areas

dissatisfaction with sexual life

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