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Specialized Treatments 
Dancers, Gymnasts and Acrobats

I have a passion for movement artists and noticing what commonly ails them caused me to develop a program to suit their needs.


Dancers often have pain patterns and imbalances due to the unique stressors the dance styles they participate in put on their body. Same for gymnasts and acrobats. In conjunction with personal patterns of tension and muscle compensations that often people are not aware of as well as the durations many dancers are working, this can create long standing issues that need not be developed. 


Some of the most common areas I see dancers requiring bodywork for are:


*Pelvic floor tension

*Hip & knee issues

*Issues pertaining to holding in your belly

*Back and rib issues

*Rib misalignment




*Scar work


*Specific lack of flexibility

*Foot pain

*Movement restriction


If your dance or training is being compromised or if you are having to endure in order to continue rehearsing or performing, I would be happy to meet you and explore how we can shift that into your optimal physical performance & artistic expression.


I offer specialized treatment programs for the following groups of people. Sessions are 2-4 hour long, as I work with the whole body. All packages 125$/hr or 100$/hr for a package of 5 sessions.

Postmenopausal women

The expectation seems to be that age is an excuse for pain and at times, not to work towards the highest level of health possible. I do not agree!


In my opinion, elders are some of the most underserved populations in North American communities. Seeing the extent of the need and also how reluctant some people are to reach out and get the help they require, I created a program to serve women in their older years.


At times, people want care involving a personal touch and connection rather than a colder medical system, at times, they feel unheard or not taken seriously due to their age, at other times, there are body changes happening for them that cause fear and people procrastinate on being seen by a practitioner.


The people I work with WANT vitality and ease in their body, because they are passionate and have experiences and connections they want to explore.

If you want to raise the standards for your body and quality of life, and do that in a friendly, responsive environment, I’d be happy to work with you!


*Hip Pain, compression & alignment

*Steadier balance

*Incontinence issues

*Pelvic prolapse

*Vaginal dryness, tightness or genital discomfort

*Knee pain

*Chronic pain

*Mobility issues

*Foot flexibility


You can also contact for a consult call in advance if you want to speak about working together prior to booking. Look forward to meeting you!

Pregnancy and postpartum care

Mothers to Be & Mothers who have just given birth!


You deserve to be treated like royalty, and be in a period of being served as you are serving your baby!


As you know, having your baby is a big transition, and while it can bring joy, it can also bring a lot of new experiences within the body. Birth is a mighty journey and the body undergoes both a wisely intuitive and traumatic process in terms of impact on the body.


If you are dealing with issues around healing effectively, have pain, a lack of sensation, pleasure or something “doesn’t feel right” internally, it would be an honnor for me to work with you. I have a deep respect for Mothers and love babies.


At times I see that new mothers don’t reach out due to 1) not always taking optimal care of themselves when focused on new baby 2) Feel down and don’t have the motivation 3) Feel overwhelmed at the thought of going out to a clinic and mobilizing all of that.


I do sessions in your own home so that it is not as stressful and you can take periods to nurse while also receiving care.


I feel this is an incredibly important time to “take stock” with you body, from 1 month post delivery or so. Your body has changed, and there will also be continual demands on your body from baby and perhaps other children, so moving forward where your body is strong and supported as well as pain free is essential. Postpartum is such a beautiful time, and is important to make it one by fully resting and feeling good with YOU.


The common issues I see new Mothers

coming to me for are:



*Uterine, bladder or rectal prolapse

*Lower back pain

*Pubic bone pain

*Sacral pain

*C-Section scars

*Tearing, suturing & episiotomy care

*Loss of sensation genitally





There can be a lot of preparation prior to birth that sets a woman up for a more fluid and open birth without tearing and as much wear on the body. I don’t work with women in the first trimester but in the second and third for safety reasons.


Discomfort is associated with pregnancy and a bit of care and someone to talk to about the experiences you are feeling in your body can be essential.


At times it can feel like you are “taken over,” in pregnancy, and speaking to someone who can clarify in anatomical terms that felt experience and help you know how to work with that dynamic is empowering and centralizes YOU again.


I have been part of someone’s birth team and enjoy helping prepare women to feel both powerful and open to the process of labour.


Common Processes in session Pre-Birth:


*Stretching of tissues

*Muscle balancing

*Opening or closing the pubic bones

*Issues with urination, incontinence or constipation

*Releasing the pelvic floor



For any additional questions please don’t hesitate to write me:

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