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My Code of Ethics

I am not a member of ASIS, but i follow the code of ethics of the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists, except for two clauses for reasons that i will explain below. You can find the code of ethics of the ASIS at


Clause 5g


« [5]g This clause, 5 g., applies only to Certified Sexological Bodywork (CSB), Certified Somatic Sex Education (CSSE) and Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy (PSST): In CSB, CSSE & PST sessions, the practitioner remains clothed when touching Students/Clients and erotic touch is unidirectional only, practitioner to Student/Client. If Students/Clients wish to learn interpersonal erotic skills, we request they bring their partners or invite them to share and learn with other Students/Clients when appropriate. »


I do not follow two aspects of clause 5g, because i think that the best way to fine tune bodywork skills are to do it on someone who can give the most accurate feedback. When i teach foot massage, the best way for me to assess and guide a student is to have them work on my feet, and it is the same for the whole body, including genital, anal-rectal work. This of course has to be done in respect of consent and boundary rules, and it is presented as an option, not an obligation. I offer therapeutic and sexual training, and it is only logical that my students receive from me and practice on me for optimal learning. The session as to be student-lead and respecting the trainer's boundaries. The work has to be done in a professional manner, with the practitioner wearing clothes and following the rest of the code of ethics. These sessions are not love-making, but indeed professional sessions. 

The second aspect is that clients are allowed to touch me as a practitioner if it is for them and if it excludes the ano-genital area. I do not accept to be touched to arouse me by clients. This is important for many reasons. First, the client may need comfort as some of the processes in sessions may be emotionally challenging. Second, women are not commonly allowed to explore men's bodies for their own exploration. Third and last, some clients need to touch to establish the connection with the practitioner to undergo deep personal processes.  However, i am very strict about the fact that this is only allowed if the clients do it for their own needs, and any impression that they are trying to arouse me will bring a stop to the session.


Clause 6

« 6. Members acknowledge the importance of physical, in addition to emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual well-being. To protect the health of both Client and practitioner, Members recognize the need for risk-reduction and professional protocol in all individual and group Somatic Sexology. Members take steps to minimize any harm, in active collaboration with all Clients. Professional protocol for intimate touch includes the use of medical-grade examination gloves and quality lubricants. When the Member has any break in the skin of their hand (abrasions, infection, rash, cut etc.) it is highly recommended it be covered by gloves or a plaster for your and your clients' protection. All group classes shall include education about group hygiene protocol, with sufficient facilities / supplies provided to Clients to maintain appropriate hygiene. »


I follow all aspects of clause 6, except that i do not normally wear gloves to perform vaginal work, unless there is a significant risk of infection transmission, or if the client asks me to wear gloves. I always use gloves for rectal work. There is always a risk of infection transmission, even when using sterile gloves. Yet we do not use sterile gloves when we use gloves in the industry, so the barrier is mostly to protect from STIs. Research shows that hand washing with soap with nail brushing is as hygienic as unsterilized examination gloves if there are no cuts or abrasions to the hands. Most STI are not transmittable through the skin of hands, except for papilloma warts and herpes. The work i do requires very fine palpation skills, and even the best gloves impedes fine palpation skills. I always have nitrile gloves with me, and use them if the client suspects having warts or herpes, if i have abrasion or cuts to the hands, or if the client prefers me wearing gloves. I try to use nitrile gloves, but they are not always available in my size, so i sometimes use latex gloves.

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