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Specializing in women’s pelvic floor
and applied sexology

Why I work with women.

Women's health is neglected all over the globe, especially for pelvic and genital issues. By specializing with women, i can be as effective as possible and offer very comprehensive services. From hormonal balance to postural work, from sexual dysfunctions to nutrition imbalances, my work covers a wide range of modalities.

What to expect in a session

My sessions can help with most female genital issues and sexual dysfunctions. There is almost always an important external bodywork in addition to the internal bodywork. This can be myofascial, craniosacral, bone-setting, neuromuscular activation and stretching to eliminate pain, correct deformities, dysfunctional joint, and postural issues. I can explain what i do at any step of the session; please ask me if you need these explanations. I also normally offer a lot of education; please tell me if you prefer not to hear these informations. Sessions normally involve work on the breasts, in the vulva, in the vagina and/or in the anus, depending on needs and boundaries. We fully discuss consent and boundaries before we begin the session. Sessions are typically between 3 and 5 hours. When possible, planning for a minimum of 2-4 sessions within 7-10 days maximizes the impact of the treatments.


$150 per hour

If this fee structure is prohibitive, please discuss it at the time of booking

Please inquire for prices outside of Canada


Here are some interviews that I have given over the last three years, to give you an idea of the breadth of my work.

Pelvic floor health and well-being for women (Elisa Caro)

Vaginal orgasm: Every woman can experience it. (Katrin Mantay, Evolve Quest)

Female pleasure spots (Katarzyna Majak

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