Specialized in treating women’s health issues (structural, sexual, genital, traumatologic) with specific combinations of therapeutic bodywork modalities based on individual needs. 


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Some articles I’ve written to help guide self-care for particular health issues. I also link some interviews i gave over the last couple of years



Martin is amazing. I had several treatments from him and also got trained in craniosacral and chi nei tsang therapy. Martins knowledge is unbelievable i don't know anyone who knows more about the female body than he does. I highly recommend him to anyone. Whenever i get the chance to get a treatment from him, i do. He helped to improve my health in many ways and also to understand my female body better. Thank you martin; your work is a blessing.

Linda, Switzerland

I really can recommend Martin! As a teacher and as a bodyworker! I got a fantastic deep tissue myofacial treatment of him which went very deep and released a lot! I also did a pelvic floor training with Martin. I never experienced a guy talking so passionately about his work, incredible! Martin had a lot but really a lot of knowledge about the body! Thank you so much. Martin for being my teacher and bodyworker!

Aranka, Netherland


Mi amigo Martín es un fabuloso terapeuta experto en anatomía kinésica. Martín tiene la infrecuente costumbre de tomarse el tiempo necesario para aislar y comprender el problema del paciente. Sus sesiones combinan un profundo conocimiento del cuerpo humano con una gran intuición e intención sanadora. Maravilloso.

Bea, Spain

Martin is extremely passionate about what he does. I completed a short course in massage therapy with him and was impressed by the amount of valuable knowledge and safe practical techniques he shared in the short time. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field of expertise, highly recommend!

Kirsten, South Africa


I came to Martin in November 2016 to determine whether my chronic pelvic pain might be caused by permanently tense and shortened muscles. He made me feel at ease the minute we met. He is very knowledgeable, an excellent communicator and very passionate about his work. Over the course of two months I received six or seven treatments, most of them several hours long, and during each of them Martin provided plenty of step-by-step explanations of what he was doing and why. While we were unable to find the source of my pain, the massage greatly reduced the tension in my pelvic floor and this positive effect has lasted to this day. I am thankful for the work he has done for me and will continue to recommend him to anyone dealing with chronic pelvic pain.

Silke, Germany

Martin est un homme plein de savoir et de passion pour son travail, capable de transmettre son savoir clairement et efficacement. J'ai fais 3 semaines de formation qui ont énormément approfondie mon savoir sur l’anatomie et m’ont ouvert mes yeux sur mon corps et ma pratique (yoga, etc.) Cette formation m’a aussi donné la capacité de procurer des massages et donc d'aider des personnes en ayant besoin (la majeure partie des gens). Je recommande vivement sa formation à toute personne ayant un intérêt pour l’anatomie, quel que soit son "niveau".

Enzo, France

J’ai eu l’opportunité de rencontrer Martin en Suisse lors de son atelier de soins personnels pour les femmes. J’ai beaucoup apprécié le concept, un mélange de théorie et pratique, pour ma part ça a été très constructif. De plus Martin est juste génial ! Il est capable d’expliquer les choses simplement, il est attentif et à l’écoute et surtout il souhaite toujours aider. Il détient un panel de connaissances incroyable, entre autres d’être un expert dans les soins personnels pour les femmes, il peut également travailler sur pleins d’autres aspects physiques. J’ai bénéficié de l’un de ses soins, ça m’a beaucoup aidée. Je l’ai recommandé des amis, ainsi qu’à ma mère. Il est la seule personne à avoir pu lui expliquer à quoi était dû ses douleurs aux articulations et la soulager un peu. Tous mes amis ayant bénéficiés des soins de Martin ont été ravis, autant par son savoir faire, son professionnalisme que pour sa personnalité et sa bonne humeur. Martin encore un grand merci pour ton aide.

Christel, Suisse


What Martin did for me is not easily summarized, because he truly takes his time to get to know and work with you as a whole: physically, emotionally and energetically. He is not just extremely knowledgeable in anatomy (from fascia to injuries), but also in numerous other aspects of overall well being, such as hormones and trauma - especially with regards to the female body. Having him readjust me from head to toe, releasing and repositioning things I didn’t even know were hindering me, left me feeling more balanced and centred than ever before, physically (I literally couldn’t stop telling people just how “symmetrical” I felt after) as well as mentally! Also, it’s definitely worth mentioning that Martin comes from such an integer place while doing all of this, that you cannot help but feel comfortable with him. My favourite thing about my treatment though, is that Martin did not focus on ‘treating’ me, but really on helping me! He shared the possible causes of the things he noticed, what exactly he was doing to relieve this, and even what else could be beneficial for me (like diet or specific yoga poses). As a result, I walked away with new insights regarding my own body and medicine as a whole, as well as some concrete tools to help heal myself and possibly even others! After this experience, I honestly believe that we probably all should get to know our own bodies better, and health care in general could only benefit from a more comprehensive approach; because I think that there is not a single soul who would not benefit from the things Martin has to offer. Bedankt!

Robin, Belgium


I am so grateful to have had bodywork done by Martin.  I have had chronic pelvic pain for many years and contacted Martin because he seemed so knowledgeable and invested in helping people.  Most practitioners don’t seem to know much about this subject, but Martin is the opposite.  He knows just about everything there is to know and is passionate about his work.  I am in awe of his knowledge of anatomy.    I am also comforted by his overall respect for the client and humbled by his selfless willingness to help others.  His knowledge and ability helped me make great strides in my recovery process.  I would definitely recommend him for bodywork, specifically for pelvic floor pain or dysfunction.

Kendra, United States of America


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