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All training can lead to certification.

Womens Pelvic Floor Bodywork - 200 hour Professional Training

This 200 hour training in pelvic floor bodywork for women includes online preparation, in-person practice and supervised case-studies. This program is designed to allow participants to gain the expertise to provide professional support for pelvic floor, abdominal and genital issues and to help women heal from conditions such as neuralgia, constipation, pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and vulvodynia. 

€4000 /

$4000 CAD

Private Training 

I offer private training for people who prefer to study individually over 3 to 14 days. This is ideal for those with previous training in other modalities or with particular needs. We do work 8-14 hours, allowing us to cover a large volume of material in a short time. 

500 /

$500 CAD per day (minimum 3 days; room and vegetarian food to be shared). 

Chi Nei Tsang




Chi Nei Tsang is a traditional Chinese abdominal massage. It is used for physical and emotional well-being. The training involves basic anatomy of the internal organs, study of the fundamental traditional techniques and solutions to a few common abdominal pathologies. I teach it over 16 hours of group training, plus 3-4 hours of individual work with me over 3-5 days.

€300 /

$400 CAD

Structural and Postural  

This course provide an overview of anatomy as it pertains to the practice of bodyworkers. We review most human anatomy systems, with a focus on the musculoskeletal and the nervous systems. Therapeutic Swedish massage or myofascial release are introduced to better review and deepen the concepts studied. The course includes 30 hours of anatomy and 10 hours of massage practice.

€600 /

$900 CAD


Women's Internal Self-massage Workshop

This 4 hour workshop allows women to discover the anatomy of their own genitals and learn to massage themselves in a safe and supportive environment. Participants work in a group setting but can remain covered during the practice.

€75 /

$100 CAD

Graduates' Reviews

Here are some articles I’ve written to support self-care practices for particular health issues.


Martin has a wholly unique perspective about pelvic floor health, grounded in deep understanding of anatomy and informed by energy healing work. The way he integrates these different practices and his own in depth research into this topic is completely original and absolutely fascinating. I’ve learned and un-learned so much from training with him - super recommend it to anyone in the field of sexual health.

Mx Gili


The course with Martin was so full of information. He is a patient and knowledgeable teacher who has continued to support me as I took the practices and applied them to my work. I cannot emphasize enough how helpful it has been to have the support of someone so willing and experienced, not just at the course, but in the time afterwards as well. Of all of the research and courses I have taken on the pelvic floor, this is the most comprehensive and complete, providing precise and in-depth anatomical information, a variety of manual therapies, open-minded discussions on the use of pleasure and relaxation in therapeutic work, offering insights into specific dysfunctions, as well as plenty of time for supervised hands-on work.

Rebecca Jackson


Studying with Martin has been an amazing enriching experience. It not only greatly deepened my work and confidence as a pelvic health practitioner, it also brought me into a strong worldwide and active community of likeminded professionals. Highly recommend!

Anneke Louise

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