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Structural Myofascial 1
Berlin, Germany

August 15th - 23rd 2022 

This training covers foundations in craniosacral, application of a few neuromuscular techniques, basic scar work, basic myofascial anatomy and myofascial release. These will be combined and applied to common spine, rib, pelvis and shoulder issues. Yoga poses will be used to illustrate and experience the fascia lines, but most of the work will be practical bodywork. Mandatory reading: Anatomy trains, T. Myers. (i will send suggested readings within the book when registered).

This non-residential training is 8 days long plus a day off in the middle. Classes run 8:30am-6pm with a 2-hour lunch break. This is a non-residential training.

Training fees: €1500

Prerequisite: Bodywork training or permission of the teacher.



Craniosacral foundations

Neuromuscular techniques foundations

Scar work

Myofascial vision of the body

Pelvic work

Symphysis pubis decompression and closure

Asymmetrical pelvis

Hip dysplasia


Sciatic pain

Shoulder work

Frozen shoulder

Spine work

Neck issues

Coccyx relocation

SI joint dysfunction

Displaced vertebrae

Scoliosis/false scoliosis


Hyper/hypolordosis and hyper/hypokyphosis

Rib work

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