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Foundations of Women's Health

A year long immersive pelvic care program with 12 days of residential training
Online: Sept. 28th - Nov. 9th
In-Person: Nov. 12th - 23rd

Registration Payment

We are so excited to share this life changing experience with you!
Please choose your payment option for your 2000 eur deposit, or your full tuition payment of 6500 eur. Your deposit is not refundable but the rest is refundable until September 28th 2024. After the payment, please fill the registration page with the link found at the bottom of the page and you will be fully registered!
Payments with Wise in Euro or Francs

You save transfer fees and currency exchange fees if you pay with Wise, our primary banking partner. Here are links to pay in Euros or in Swiss Francs.

Payments with Paypal

Paypal allows you to pay in any currency from many sources, but there are fees associated with them and you are responsible for them. Our primary currency is the Euro, so any other currency will incur fees. You will need to set the amount manually once in Paypal. The deposit is 2000 eur, and the full tuition is 6500 eur. 

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