Available Training

All training can lead to certification

Anatomy for Bodyworker

This course provide an overview of anatomy as it pertains on the work of bodyworker. We review most systems, with a focus on the musculoskeletal and the nervous systems. Therapeutic Swedish massage is introduced to better review and deepen the concepts studied. The course includes 30 hours of anatomy and 10 hours of massage practice.

Investment: 600 euros/$900 CAD

Anatomy for Yoga Teachers

This course constitutes an overview of anatomy to help yoga teachers understand better the body and it's movements. We review most systems, with a myofascial perspective. The course analyses most common asanas and pranayama. The course includes 40 hours of practical anatomy.

Investisment: 600 euros/$900 CAD

Structural and Postural Bodywork

This second level course will allow students to help clients with issues such as scoliosis, frozen shoulder, pelvic asymmetry, etc. We study myofascial therapy, basic bonesetting, and craniosacral. The course is 80 hour long and is taught over 3 weeks.

Prerequesite: Anatomy for Bodyworker or equivalent

Investment: 1800 euros/$2400 CAD

Chi Nei Tsang

Chi Nei Tsang is a traditional Chinese abdominal massage. In involves basic anatomy of the internal organs, study of the fundamental traditional techniques and solutions a few common abdominal pathologies. I teach it over 16 hours of group training, plus 3-4 hours of individual work with me over 3-5 days.

Investment: 300 euros/$400 CAD

Women's internal self-massage workshop

This 4 hour workshop allows women to discove the anatomy of their genitals and learn to massage themselves in a safe and supportive environment. Participants work in a circle but remain covered during the practice.

Investment: 50 euros/$75 CAD

Women's Pelvic Floor Bodywork 100hr Certified Training

This 100 hour training in Integrative Karsai Nei Tsang over 2 weeks. This program is designed to allow participants to gain the expertise to provide pelvic floor, abdominal and genital issues on women to help heal from issues such as neuralgia, constipation, pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and vulvodynia. IKNT is a combination of traditional Chinese abdominal and genital massage with elements of myofascial therapy,  and kinesiotherapy, marrying traditional and modern techniques.

Certification for Integrative Karsai Nei Tsang and Chi Nei Tsang will be awarded to student with full participation who pass the theoretical and practical exams.

Investment: 1200 euros/$1600 CAD

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