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Introduction to women's
pelvic bodywork
Berlin, Germany

July 2nd - 6th 2022 

This is a short version of the professional training, perfect for you if you want to discover your body and learn how to work on yourself. Some of the practices will be on others to experience other bodies, to better appreciate yours. The focus will be on exploration and therapeutic, with some elements on sexuality and pleasure. Female participants only.

This non-residential training is 5 days . Classes run 8:30am-6pm with a 2-hour lunch break. 

Training fees: €1000

No prerequisites.

Themes studied

Abdominal self-massage

Lymphatic and breast massage

Genital therapeutic massage and self-massage

Pelvic diaphragm strengthening

Myofascial self-release

Bladder issues and therapy



Pleasure and women's sexuality

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