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Integrative Women's Pelvic Care Professional training

March 1st - 12th 2024
Online group study starts January 13th
200 hour Foundation
Last 200 hr
training in 
North America!
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In this training, you will:
  • Learn to support physically, and emotionally women with pelvic issues
  • Improve you pelvic health by receiving daily sessions
  • Experience a powerful experience with a group of like minded women
  • Continuous mentorship after the training

This Foundations Training is a 10 day deep dive that will change your life, the lives of those you love & take your business to the next level! 

You will learn how to work with the body innovatively, guided by principles and protocols that are both holistic and integrative. A fun, residential & demanding experience that will enrich your view of female health & offer beautiful new network of colleagues doing this cutting edge work globally!  

This is the last time we offer this training in North America. We will continue to offer Advanced trainings to students who already graduated from the 200hr training  and some private trainings until the end of 2025.


Ideal For: 

  • Midwives & Doulas

  • Physiotherapists

  • Sex Coaches & Sexologists 

  • Sexual Providers

  • Bodyworkers of all kinds with a focus on women’s health 

  • Gynaecologists

  • Osteopaths

  • People with no bodywork experience but passionate about women's health

No prerequisites necessary. Anatomy and other fundamentals studied online before the in-person training.

About the training 

This training is divided in 3 parts:

1. Online study can start as soon as you pay your deposit. Weekly group Zoom sessions, plus online discussion forums, provide opportunities to ask questions about the material, share perspectives and deepen the learning. the Zoom sessions will be held every Saturday starting on January 13th until the beginning of the in-person training. It is essential that you study all the online material before the in-person training because we won't teach the anatomy in class (although we'll review details upon requests). See table of contents​ of the online portion.

2. 10 day of in-person practical training with a group of wild and powerful women (plus 2 days of integration part way through). The in-person component involves demos and exercises eight hours a day, where students practice on each other with guidance and supervision. Each day begins with a group yoga practice geared towards pelvic work and hip opening, followed by breakfast and classes. The schedule is 7:00-18:00, including a lunch break, but it is subject to change. Classes will start March 1st at 8:00 with breakfast and finish on March 12th at 18:00, but will be followed with dinner. March 5th and 10th are days off. Breakfast and lunch are provided at the location of the training. The in-person training will be offered on the outskirt of Portland, Oregon. Accommodation, transportation and insurance are not included in the price. See schedule of the in-person training.

3. After the in-person training, students can get supervision for up to 20 sessions to gain certification. To achieve this goal, they need to work with 10 clients for two sessions each, within one year of course completion. The 20 written reports will be reviewed and commented on to further integrate the learnings. 

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• This is a non-residential training, meaning that participants do not sleep at the training location. Transportation and insurance are not included. Travel insurance is not essential but should be considered.

• The training fees is $6500usd (or equivalent in Canadian dollars). Up-before-any-birds price is $5500usd if the deposit is paid in full before October 15th. Early-birds price is $6000usd if deposit is paid before November 15th. General registration deadline is January 12th 2024, as online zoom classes start January 13th.

• Returning students who did the former 100hr program (Women's pelvic floor certified bodywork training) receive a $1000usd discount from training fees.

• You may secure your spot with an $2000usd deposit. Final course fees are to be paid before the first day of in-person training cash, Interac within Canada or Wise. Early registration gives you early access to online material for extra study time (and there is a ton of material to study).

• Deposit non refundable except if the training has to be cancelled by us. Remaining training fees are refundable until February 1st 2024. 

• For women only. Once the preregistration form is filled, we have a call with every student. 

• If you haven’t received a session from Martin or Ashley before, plan having one with either of us. It will improve your work (and may change your life! lol!) We will be in the area a few days ahead of the training. We offer these sessions at a reduced price of $75usd/hour; sessions are 2-3 hours long.

• Certification for Women's Pelvic Floor Professional Training will be awarded to students with full participation who pass the theoretical and practical exams and the supervised case studies. 

About the teachers:
Martin Beaudoin (Lead teacher)

Martin has a PhD in Linguistics and has been exploring the healing power of bodywork for decades.


He is further trained in various modalities, including Craniosacral, Structural/Myofascial Release, Neurokinetic Therapy, Swedish, Chi Nei Tsang, Karsai Nei Tsang, Thai, Stretching Therapy, Foot Reflexology, Tantric Yoni Massage, Reiki, Alignment Yoga, Compassionate Inquiry.


Martin has dedicated his focus to woman’s health and bodywork, as he feels they are underserved by the current available (para-)medical systems. He lives in Vancouver, BC, and offers private sessions and training in many other countries as well. 

Ashley Rose

Ashley is an applied Sexologist from Vancouver, BC


Her background is in Harm Reduction Social work & anti oppression practices with family reunification & poverty, sexological bodywork & Rites of Passage work for teenagers. 


Her somatic and therapeutic work is informed by Hakomi, Narrative Therapy, IFS, The Gottman Therapy Method for couples and transpersonal psychology inspired by the text “A Course In Miracles.” 


Ashley is passionate about people being free to understand and feel their authentic eroticism beyond all the layers life can impose upon individuals. 


She has many heroes in the field who are doing inspired work and is driven by a sense of collaborative genius, community & interdependence. 

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