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Foundations of Women's Health

A year long immersive pelvic care program with 12 days of residential training
Online: Sept. 21st - Nov. 9th
In-Person: Nov. 12th - 23rd

The body is a mystery…and it’s your personal mission to understand it, heal it and nourish it, for yourself and others. 


As a body practitioner, healer, coach, hands on therapist, sexologist or aspiring support worker – you know the importance of mastering the nuances and inner-workings of the female body to support healing. 


You’re dedicated to your work, you love your work! AND you are looking for a way to embody a deeper level of wisdom and expand your skill set to provide your community with a profound healing experience. 


While you may already be facilitating pelvic care as part of your practice, there is another layer of precision that will support your clients on a deeper level and help your work become well-renowned. 


This is it. 


We see you. You’re doing brave and vital work in this world… AND, what if you could add a whole new layer of precision and potency to your work that will provide healing for your clients more swiftly, deeply, and permanently? 


You’ve been on a mission to learn as much as you can about the power of healing. We commend you, dear one, for you have taken on a valuable role that is changing the lives of others. We are all body-explorers, and this training will give you access to a lot of expansion & many perspectives that will raise the standards for women's health everywhere. 

There’s never been a better time than now to hone your skills and expand your offerings. Pelvic care is on the rise in the wellness industry and this is the leading edge of care!


With increasing awareness and interest in pelvic care, we are seeing more and more people called to care for their bodies and heal on a deeper, internal level.


Women are finally acknowledging the power of their womb space, and becoming present to parts of the Self that have long been suppressed, controlled & minimized.


As many women fear being dismissed by traditional doctors to care for their most sacred feminine body parts–they are seeking out experts with a dynamic approach to meet their needs and heal their symptoms. 

This means that there is an expansive opportunity right now for YOU to be the dynamic healer that women call.

Our time is now!


  • You’re ready to expand your skill set and offer your clients a new (or refined) approach to healing.

  • You’re ready to master the art of pelvic care and refine your hands-on, hands-in approach.

  • You’re ready to deepen your knowledge of the female body to offer a wider range of services in your practice. 

  • You’re ready to earn more money doing what you love, while having a felt sense of purpose in the world.

  • You’re ready to offer solutions that aren’t communicated or deemed possible in traditional gynaecology or PF Therapies

There is nothing like the Beaudoin Bodywork method. After this training, you will walk away feeling completely empowered to practice pelvic care at the deepest level with your beautiful clients, knowing that you have the best training possible. 

There are limited spaces available for this training. If you’ve been ready to expand your work and your heart is feeling called, then we are very excited to welcome you in! 


Who is this training for? 


Anyone interested in hands-on healing, current practitioners or bodyworkers, pelvic care specialists looking to deepen their knowledge, and:


  • Midwives & Doulas

  • Physiotherapists

  • Sex Coaches & Sexologists 

  • Sexual Providers

  • Bodyworkers of all kinds with a focus on

  • women’s health 

  • Gynaecologists

  • Osteopaths

  • Naturopaths

  • People with no bodywork experience but

  • passionate about women's health

*Please note: there are no prerequisites necessary.


What is it? 


The Foundations of Women’s Health training is an online AND in-person training designed to teach you how to facilitate pelvic care and support your clients on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level as you guide them on their personal healing journey. 


It is a comprehensive body of work that will teach you the practical and necessary skills required to treat symptoms and pain that is present in the body, to release tension and trauma, to make space for what is yet to come.

You will learn how to work with the body innovatively and intuitively, guided by proven principles and protocols that are both holistic and integrative. The Beaudoin Bodywork school has trained, treated and helped thousands of people around the world, and you are next! 


Prepare to enrich your wellness practice and take your business to the next level!  

There are limited spaces available, and we trust that one of these spaces is for you! Here’s what some of our past participants have to say about it:

Naema Pierce
Pelvic Specialist for Women
Emily Maden
Dr of AcuChinese Medicine
Caytlyn Dee
Quantum Transformation Mentor
for Women
Maria Robins
Feminine Mysticism and
Ancestral Crafts
Dr Emily Wilson
Pelvic Physical Therapist
Gabriela Rebreanu
Registered Nurse and
Shamanic Practitioner

This is a comprehensive, detailed, hands on experience that will enrich your education of female health & give your work an entirely new and refreshed perspective. You will leave inspired & reinvigorated with your work!

Inside Foundations of Women’s health, you will:


  • Learn how to physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally support women with pelvic issues

  • Improve your own personal pelvic health by receiving daily sessions 

  • Use your hands as powerful healing tools to support others healing process 

  • Integrate a new body of work to your existing practice 

  • Master the female pelvic anatomy 

  • Develop your palpation and listening skills

  • Learn how to identify and treat symptoms in yourself and others 

  • Practically apply the work you learn in safe, hands-on case studies

  • Receive ongoing online mentorship and support as you apply what you learn into your practice 

  • Connect with a beautiful community of colleagues and experience a powerful training with fellow healers who have shared visions and aligned values… Worldwide. 

  • Gain insight into elusive challenges that present themselves in your existing practice.

See Full Schedule

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The Fine Details:


The next in-person Foundations of Women’s Health training will be held on November 12th-23rd in Probstenberg, Switzerland.


  • This is a residential training with room and board included. Transportation and insurance are not included. Travel insurance is not essential but should be considered

  • The training fees are $7,500 EUR

  • Up-before-any-birds price is $6500 EUR if the deposit is paid in full before June 15th

  • Early-birds price is $7,000 EUR if deposit is paid before August 15th

  • General registration deadline is September 15th, 2024, as online zoom classes start September 21th, 2024

  • Contact us if you would like to discuss a payment plan


• Returning students who did the former 100hr program (Women's pelvic floor certified bodywork training) receive a $2000 EUR discount from training fees

• Returning students who are refreshing after having taken the 200hr pay for room and board + 1500 EUR only 

• You may secure your spot with a $2000 EUR deposit. Final course fees are to be paid before the first day of in-person training cash, WIX payment or Wise. Early registration gives you early access to online material for extra study time (and there is a ton of material to study).

• Deposit non refundable except if the training has to be cancelled by us. Remaining training fees are refundable until a week before the course begins September 21st 

• For women only. We are inclusive of all identities and orientation, but can only include people who were assigned female at birth and have not undergone surgical sex change because of the nature of the work. We generally use medical language, which is felt by many as heteronormative. Our goal is efficiency of communication.  We accommodate to pronouns and respect all identities.

• Once the pre-registration form is filled, we have a call with every student to see your needs, desires and motivations for the training and get to know you better! 

• If you haven’t received a session from Martin or Ashley before, plan having one with either of us. It will improve your work (and may change your life! lol!) We will be in the area a few days ahead of the training. We offer these sessions at a reduced price of $100 EUR/hour; sessions are 2-3 hours long.

• Certification for Women's Pelvic Floor Professional Training will be awarded to students with full participation who pass the theoretical and practical exams and the supervised case studies, and we will list you as a formal Beaudoin Bodywork practitioner on our website! 

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Foundations of Women’s Health is divided in 3 parts:



  • Access a comprehensive educational platform to deepen your learning of the female anatomy and physiology. See the Table of contents.

  • Explanation of the Beaudoin Bodywork view & approach to the body 

  • Video demos of techniques that we will be seeing in the in person training for preparation 

  • Graphics and lectures by Martin explaining how different systems in the pelvis function and relate to one another 

  • Attend a weekly themed group Zoom session to ask questions, connect and deepen your understanding of pelvic care & the Beaudoin Bodywork protocols before our in-person sessions

  • Ask about approaches to current clients as it relates to the topics presented

  • Quizzes to help sharpen your understanding 

  • Available as soon as you register and pay the deposit




  • Attend a 12 day in-person training facilitated by Martin and Ashley to learn, experience and learn the Beaudoin Bodywork method

  • Participate in demos and exercises for 8 hours for 10 of the days (includes 2 integration days), during which students practice on each other with instruction, guidance and feedback from facilitators

  • 8 hours daily of teaching & experiential learning--watch and learn from live demos and participate in “stream of consciousness” sessions

  • Receive the techniques on your own body

  • Be witnessed and supervised as you offer sessions to others while receiving feedback from teachers

  • There will also be time for client consultations and lectures

  • Learn how to build a session arc, negotiate boundaries and consent 

  • Receive Daily Q & A and feedback instead

  • Truly master the touch of the advanced hands-on pelvic care worker

  • Share life and learn in the power of sisterhood


  • ​After the in-person training, students are invited to receive supervision for up to 20 sessions to gain certification.

  • To achieve certification, you must work with 10 clients for 2 sessions each, within 1 year of attending Female Foundations and provide a brief written report of the work you’ve completed

  • The 20 written reports will be reviewed and commented on between sessions to integrate approach and feedback 

  • There will be a final interview with a self & supervisory evaluation and then you will be on the Beaudoin Bodywork website and in the global group hivemind of brilliant students across the globe! 

  • Access to Online training for one year after 200 hour


Example of the daily itinerary:


7:00am: Morning Yoga Practice, geared towards pelvic work and hip opening

8:00am: Breakfast

9:00am: Hands-on practice and guided exercises

12:00pm: Lunch

1:00pm: Hands-on practice and guided exercises

6:00pm: Dinner

*Meals are provided

About the teachers:
Martin Beaudoin (Lead teacher -- he/she/we)

Martin has a PhD in Linguistics and has been exploring the healing power of bodywork for decades.


He is further trained in various modalities, including Craniosacral, Structural/Myofascial Release, Neurokinetic Therapy, Swedish, Chi Nei Tsang, Karsai Nei Tsang, Thai, Stretching Therapy, Foot Reflexology, Tantric Yoni Massage, Reiki, Alignment Yoga, Compassionate Inquiry.


Martin has dedicated his focus to woman’s health and bodywork, as he feels they are underserved by the current available (para-)medical systems. He lives in Vancouver, BC, and offers private sessions and training in many other countries as well. 

Ashley Rose (She)

Ashley is an applied Sexologist from Vancouver, BC


Her background is in Harm Reduction Social work & anti oppression practices with family reunification & poverty, sexological bodywork & Rites of Passage work for teenagers. 


Her somatic and therapeutic work is informed by Hakomi, Narrative Therapy, IFS, The Gottman Therapy Method for couples and transpersonal psychology inspired by the text “A Course In Miracles.” 


Ashley is passionate about people being free to understand and feel their authentic eroticism beyond all the layers life can impose upon individuals. 


She has many heroes in the field who are doing inspired work and is driven by a sense of collaborative genius, community & interdependence. 

Location of the training
Gästehaus Probstenberg
photo_2024-05-18 15.00.40.jpeg
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