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Current Training

Integrative Women's Pelvic Floor Professional training

200-hours Certified Training

Traditional abdominal and genital bodywork heavily infused with modern scientific knowledge and techniques

May 29th - June 8th
Vancouver, Canada

Pelvic Floor Bodywork can be a crucial component of woman’s health. The holistic and medical benefits are often transformative. This 200-hour training program is designed to give participants the knowledge and practice to provide professional pelvic floor, abdominal and genital bodywork on women. 

After finishing this women-only training, practitioners will be able to apply bodywork solutions to support woman in healing from issues such as pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, neuralgia, constipation, ovarian cysts, vulvodynia and many more.

The approach to this training is based on Integrative Karsai Nei Tsang. IKNT is a combination of traditional Chinese abdominal and genital massage with elements of myofascial therapy and kinesiotherapy – a powerful fusion of traditional Taoist wisdom and modern therapeutic techniques.

About the training 
This 200-hour training has been updated to provide increased preparation before the in-person intensive, and supervision after. It involves 4-6 weeks of online study with weekly Zoom calls, 10 days (plus a one-day break midway) of group learning in person in the greater Vancouver, and 20 supervised case study practice sessions. There are no prerequisites. A detailed list of topics covered is available upon request. 

The online material (text, visuals and videos) covers in-depth anatomy, pathologies and bodywork techniques for the abdomen, breasts, genitals, and ano-rectal region. We also explore phases of life, like menstrual cycles, hormonal changes, pregnancy and birth, and menopause. Weekly group Zoom sessions, plus online discussion forums, provide opportunities to ask questions about the material, share perspectives and deepen the learning. 

The in-person component involves demos and exercises eight hours a day, where students practice on each other with guidance and supervision. Each day begins with a group yoga practice geared towards pelvic work and hip opening, followed by breakfast and classes. The schedule is 8:00-18:00, including a lunch and rest break. 

After the in-person training, students are to work with 10 clients for a minimum of two sessions each, within one year of course completion. The 20 written reports will be reviewed and commented on to further integrate the learnings. 

• The maximum number of participants is limited to 14 women. This small women cohort allows for an intimate, safe setting and a high degree of personal attention during the teachings. 
• Sleeping at the training location is not mandatory, but encouraged. Shared rooms are available for the cost of $200 for 12 nights (May 28th–June 9th). 
• Breakfast is included in the training fees; lunch and dinner are not. There are options to get meals around the training facility and also a kitchen in case you wish to bring or prepare your own. The closing night shared dinner is included. 
• The training investment is $1800 CAN.
• Returning students receive a 50% discount (or contact the instructor to discuss an assistantship). *
• You may secure your spot with an $800 deposit before May 1st. Final course fees are to be paid before the first day training.
• Special payment arrangements can be made upon request if needed.
• Certification for Integrative Women's Pelvic Floor Professional Training will be awarded to students with full participation who pass the theoretical and practical exams and the supervised case studies. 

About the teacher:
Martin Beaudoin has a PhD in Linguistics and has been exploring the healing power of bodywork for decades. He is further trained in various modalities, including Craniosacral, Structural/Myofascial Release, Neurokinetic Therapy, Chi Nei Tsang, Karsai Nei Tsang, Thai, Stretching Therapy (AIS & Ki-Hara), Foot Reflexology, Tantric Yoni Massage, and Reiki. He has completed a 200-hour Yoga Alignment Teacher Training. 
Martin has dedicated his focus to woman’s health and bodywork, as he feels they are underserved by the current available (para-)medical systems. He lives between Thailand, Bali, and British Columbia, Canada and offers private sessions and training in many other countries as well. 

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