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Advanced pelvic bodywork
Berlin, Germany

July 9th - 13th 2022 

This training expands topics started in the basic training for genital and pelvic issues. Namely, we will explore pelvis and sacral manipulation, more specialized anal work, scar work for genital issues, infertility, women's main life cycles, basic pregnancy and postpartum care, and mouth massage.

This training is 5 days long without a break. Classes run 8:30am-6pm with a 2 hour lunch break. There are no yoga classes for this training. This is a non-residential training.

Training fees: €800

Prerequisite: Women's pelvic floor professional bodywork training (200 hours) 



Symphysis pubis decompression and closure

Asymmetrical pelvis

Pudendal neuralgia through anus

Anal Piriformis release

Coccyx realignment

Scar work

Defacilitating scars



Cesarian section

Cervical scar

Other vaginal scars

Mouth work


Menstrual cycles



Pregnancy, birth and postpartum

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